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Solid 35mm Thick Acacia Timber

Round: 600mm and 700mm

Square: 600mm and 700mm

Rectangle: 800x600 and 1200x800

Indoor Only

Suitable for Outdoors from SM France

White Marble and Black Marble with Brass Edge

Available in Round 600 and Round 700mm

Rubberwood Timber Tops available in Light Oak, Walnut and Natural

Round 700mm, 800mm and 900mm

Square 700 and 800mm

Rectangle 800x600, 1200x700, 1200x800, 1500x700, 1800x700, 2100x700 and 2400x700mm

Lead time depends on stock availability

Custom Compact Laminate from Laminex and Polytec

Custom Size available

Ask us about our Colour Range

Laminex Alfresco Range are for indoor/outdoor use

Laminex Multipurpose Range is for indoor/semi outdoor undercovered

Crown Compact, Square 700mm, Square 800mm or 1200 x 800 is for indoor / semi outdoor unercovered

Durafurn Compact, Round 600, 690, 770, 800mm, Square 600, 690, 770, 800, Rectangle 600x800, 1200x770, 1390x800 is for indoor

25mm or 33mm thickness
Matching edges
Heat and Moisture Resistant
Flat Edging
Wide range of colours to choose from

Round 600,700,800
Square 600,700,800
Rectangle 1200x800, 1400x800
Scratch resistant
Heat and moisture resistant
Weather resistant
Rounded Edges
Lighter colours recommended for outside use
Suitable for beach side use

Tops that can be placed in direct sun positions are: White, Afyon, Brushed Silver, Marble, Travertine, Shesman and Light Beech

Rustic distressed appearance in New Zealand Pine

Metal support straps on underside of top

Round 700mm
Square 700mm and 800mm
Rectangle 1200x700, 1200x800, 1800x700

Lead time depends on stock availability

Tasmanian Oak, Wormy Chestnut, Messmate and Rough Sawn Tasmanian Oak

Some table tops may have Joins

Please enquire about other type of timber Available

33mm thickness
Stained to colour of your choice

Corian, Caesarstone and Staron Available

Natural minerals & acrylic resin (Corian, Staron)
Stone (Caesarstone)
Wide range of colours
Various edge profiles: Pencil, Shark & Square
Custom made sizes to suit
Stain resistant
Easy to clean & hygienic
Popular in bars and shopping center food courts
Suitable for beach side use