Frequently Asked Questions

1. What methods of payment do you accept?

Our Preferred method of Payment is EFT before delivery. You are also able to pay with your credit card but there is a 2% charge for this service. Any amount paid under $1000 no surcharge applies. You are able to pay with a cheque if that is your preference but make sure you get it to use before delivery as the cheque will need to be processed and the funds get to our account.

2. Do you have a pricelist?

We do not have a price list but you are able to ask for a price on any product. We have over 600 products so an accurate price list is very difficult to maintain day to day. We are a contract supplier so look at every job with keeping our prices sharp in mind and delivering on budget

3. Is the furniture guaranteed?

Yes. All of our furniture is commercially rated and guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 12 months. Some items have a 2 year guarantee as specified by the overseas manufacturer. We have been in the commercial furniture business for over 25 years and have always promised our customers that if things are not right we will endeavour to do our best to fix them.

4. Do you provide interest free credit or repayment schemes?

Our terms of trade are 40% deposit and the balance is due before delivery. There are occasions when this does not work for our clients so we have a relationship with finance companies that we are confident will treat our customers with the service that we would ourselves. Just ask us for an introduction to a finance agent and we will point you in the right direction.

5. What are your lead times / delivery times?

That depends on what you require for your project. We have stock in Adelaide that is available for next day delivery if you are in a real hurry. Custom manufactured items will take approximately 20 working days. We also import from product from China, Malaysia, Italy and that normally takes 10 – 12 weeks. Getting the right product to you on time is all part of the service so we will make sure that what we suggest you will have in time.

6. Do you make custom furniture?

Yes. It is one of our favourite parts of our business. We are able to offer design advice on products, fabrics and materials to make sure your product is just right for you. We custom manufacture tall bars, bases, lounges, lounge chairs and ottomans. Some of the results have been remarkable and will offer your project an individual look.

7. What is the difference between commercial furniture and domestic furniture?

Commercial furniture is designed to have a commercial working life. Normally this furniture will be used every day for 8 – 12 hours a day. It is made to a standard with tougher materials so that it will keep on giving trouble free performance over its life. Domestic furniture is normally only used for an hour or less a day so is generally the production standard is lower.

8. When I receive my furniture will I need to assemble it?

No. The difference between the Table & Chair Co and other suppliers is that we plan to deliver your furniture to you ready to go. Sometimes when we freight furniture interstate or to the country we may leave it in the boxes to avoid any damage. Most often our staff will deliver to your door, on the day you prefer, at the time you prefer, with the goods unwrapped, fully assembled and ready to go.

9. I am not sure what is the best furniture to choose for my project – do you help me choose?

Yes of course. We are able to help you with your selections to make your project look just how you want it. All of our sales staff have experience in choosing the right products for the job offering advice on fabric selections, layout, types of materials used in manufacture and styles of product that are appropriate. We want to be as proud of the project as you are and will always be there to guide your selections if you want us to.

10. Are we sustainable?

From an environmentally sustainable aspect we can assist you in your selection of our product to suit your needs. The Table and Chair Co also prides itself in the “Green” aspect of the business. We care about the future and the environment and strive to uphold an eco-friendly focus on every level of operations, incorporating waste management, and providing sustainability products that are not harmful to our environment.

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